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Our most common questions

Do you have more than just pizza?

Absolutely! Anything that can be cooked in an oven can be produced in our wood-fired oven.
When do you need a final count?

We need final guest count one week prior to your event.

Where do you set up?

We pull right up to your event, on pavement or flat, grassy areas. We cannot be under a tent or in a garage.

​What is included?

We bring what we need to create the ultimate pizza party. You need to provide a serving table (linens will be provided).

Do you provide plates and utensils?
We provide basic white paper plates and napkins along with plastic utensils. You can provide any specific items you like!
Do you require electric?

We do have a portable generator but access to a standard household outlet is preferred.

Do you have gluten free pizza?

No we do not offer a gluten free option. To be truly gluten free we we need a separate workspace and tools, that does not work with the space we have.

Are you flexible about toppings?

Yes we can customize anything, just ask!

Do you only use wood or is it a gas oven?
We only use wood - no gas for us! Kiln dried hardwoods get the oven up to 900 degrees to create mouthwatering hand forged pizzas.

What year is the truck?

1963! It was lovingly restored from its original use as a Salvation Army canteen truck, had an imported Italian oven added and hand lettered.

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